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What Our Clients Say

Jon Scott

A big thank you to Performance ProSites for the design of the Charleswood Roofing website.  We had an existing website that was functional but not finished, ProSites also helped with a smooth transition of sites. They were helpful in making suggestions for our site template and different pages on the site. We would happily refer them to other businesses or organizations looking to have a professional online presence at an affordable price!

Jon Scott

Charleswood Roofing

Andaza Hezekiah

Performance ProSites was responsible for building our church website.  We loved the work so much that we retained them to manage our website content on a regular basis. I found David to be quite knowledgeable about today's trends. Work done was timely and moderately priced. Good value for your hard earned money.

Pastor Andaza Hezekiah

Joy Fountain Church

Mark Ritchey

I have worked with ProSites for 6 years and have had great success in both the design layout and quality as well as their service. Last year they guided us through the transition to a WordPress platform which went very well and we love the added functionality it offered us.

Mark Ritchey

Sage Executive Group Real Estate

Ken Peters

Working with Performance ProSites to create our website was very satisfying! We found them creative in their design, personal in their training and support, and quick to provide the services that we needed. We love the results!

Ken Peters

Gateway Church

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You're Only 3 Steps Away


1. Tell Us About Your Business

We take the time to go through a Discovery Process with each client to determine their needs and then propose the best solutions for the design and delivery of the website to the end users.

We review your branding to make sure you have the logo and color scheme that best represents your business. In many cases we help our clients with these needs at very affordable prices.

We also consider the target audience and what kind of devices they will be using to browse your website. Our websites are carefully built with responsive coding so that they display properly on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

If you are selling products on your site and need an eCommerce website we will also develop a purchasing flow that helps your customers have a seamless purchasing process.

Tell Us About Your Business
Building Your Dream

2. Building Your Dream

Now it’s time to develop a professional looking website to draw in potential clients and give them the peace of mind that you are a "best in class" company.

Typically this is where you get out your wallet and write a big cheque, but not with ProSites - there is no cost for the development of your website.

Our Design Library provides original designs we have built to give clients some ideas and choices as to what their website may look like.

During our step-by-step design and development process we keep clients involved to ensure we hit every target. In most cases our clients provide the written content and photography but ProSites can help with this type of content as well.

Bazinga - your website is done and ready to share with the world.

3. Publish, Protect & Maintain Your Website

ProSites unique membership program means that we are hard at work taking care of your website giving you the peace of mind that you have a committed team of people protecting your website content and assisting in all matters of website maintenance.

Now you just have a small monthly membership fee to pay that makes it easy to budget and get online fast.

For clients with good computer skills, our Content Management System (CMS) provides training videos showing you how to edit your website (change text, add images and videos, etc.), and updating SEO and Google Analytics.

Publish, Protect & Maintain Your Site

To find out more about Performance ProSites' services, use the live-chat feature at the bottom right of your browser and instantly connect with one of our specialists.

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